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Fences come in different shapes, sizes, forms, and types. You can opt for short or tall fences, and you can choose your preferred type of concealment. If you are the type of person who values privacy above all, the Cedar wood fence might be what you are looking for. This type of fence can give you and your family the privacy that you desire.

Aside from providing you with exquisite privacy, Cedar wood is also aesthetically pleasing. It can help further upgrade the appearance of your property by adding a chic vibe. Wood is a classic material which can be a good match for almost all types of property. It is timeless which means that it can transcend through time without looking outdated.

fence contractor Clarksville

This type of fence is available in two types. You can choose between The Standard Privacy Type and the Shadowboxing Type, depending on the type of privacy that you prefer. The Standard Privacy Type is made of wood planks fixed together on the sides while fronting the same direction. In this arrangement, the wood planks can secure zero gaps in between each other for complete concealment. The other type of Cedar wood fence is the Shadowboxing. Opposite of the former, in this one, the wood planks are facing alternate directions, which leaves openings in between. If you are fine with semi-private fences, these may work for you.

It has supreme performance and durability which makes it last up to 10 years. Most property owners are hesitant about getting wooden fences because these are prone to mites and other pests. However, with our products, we can guarantee you that all materials underwent appropriate treatment and curing. We also offer post-installation services to give you the best service possible.

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fence contractor Clarksville
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